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Ancient Healings, Modern Miracles Book 

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Ready to Change Your Life?
Modern Miracles from the Ancient Healings of King Salomon

      We continue to look to modern medicine and technology to solve so many of society’s problems. No doubt these advances have brought about positive changes. Yet we’re still plagued by epidemics of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship hardships and more. Something critical is missing. We’ve lost our healing connections to soul and spirit. This book contains stories of real people who have overcome some of life’s biggest challenges through ancient spiritual modalities.

  • Explore the journeys of people just like you, your family and friends who have triumphed over major obstacles
  • Discover how people from all walks of life are experiencing healing miracles
  • See that it’s never too late to live the life you’ve always wanted

      There’s more to a human being than just a physical body. Modern science has developed wonderful methods to enhance our physical and emotional life. Nevertheless, people still feel empty, like something is deeply missing. Ancient Healing, Modern Miracles holds the missing keys to unlocking ancient spiritual methods suited for the 21st century.

About the Author
Dawn Ressel is a certified Guide, Healer, and Teacher with The Modern Mystery School and the Owner of The Light Within. She holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Media from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Florida State University. Dawn teaches metaphysical classes, meditation, and offers private healing sessions in San Diego.

Video Interview about the Book
Here’s a video interview I did with Dr. Kate Bartram-Brown of the Modern Mystery School.