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Sacred Geometry: Level 1

Hera Hub Mission Valley 8885 Rio San Diego Dr, San Diego, CA

Would you like more protection from negative energy? Would you like to live and work at a higher vibration? Sacred Geometry 1 teaches you how to work with the three basic geometries to do this. This is great for anyone who works with clients or the public, anyone who meditates, or anyone who wants more […]


Focus on Love: Free Online Meditation


This is a special meditation focused on love. Valentine's Day is a special day where we have more access to the energy of love in all forms. In this meditation we will focus on love of self and love of all (universal love). The universal truth, "As Within, So Without" means that the state of […]


Spiritual Intuition Workshop: Increase Your Psychic Senses

Hera Hub Mission Valley 8885 Rio San Diego Dr, San Diego, CA

Learn to increase your intuition through practical exercises. These exercises can be applied 11 minutes per day to develop your awareness. We are spiritual beings living a physical life. Yet we often feel bound by the limitations of our five physical senses. Still, most of us believe there is more out there to be discovered. […]