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Empower Thyself Initiation

“We take spiritual initiation when we become conscious of the Divine within us, and thereby contact the Divine without us.”
– Dion Fortune

Initiation means “to begin.” It is a process of transformation and discovery. The Empower Thyself & Initiation program gives students access to ancient spiritual wisdom and tools that have been safeguarded for thousands of years. Through this program you will have more tools and power to manifest the life you truly desire. If you’re a spiritual seeker, this two-day workshop will unlock many mysteries, such as:

  • Who am I?
  • Where did I come from?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Who is God, really?



Empower Thyself & Initiation has several key components:

  • Ancient metaphysical teachings about the nature of the universe, humans, angels, and more
  • Meditation technique to work directly with your Higher Self and spirit guides
  • Daily rituals that are simple to implement yet incredibly powerful. These rituals assist with:
    • Manifestation
    • Energetic protection
    • Clearing negative energy
    • Maintaining balance
    • Self healing

As an adept initiate in the unbroken lineage of King Salomon, you will receive 10 times the power and 10 times the light. Initiation is a physical ceremony that changes your energy structure, allowing you to flow permanently with the will of nature and the universe. Initiation confers power and healing. 

After initiation, life becomes much more joyful and easeful. You are more supported, more powerful, and you receive many tools to assist in your daily life and spiritual progression. 

Some of the key benefits of Empower Thyself & Initiation:

  • Stronger boundaries – less affected or influenced by others
  • Stronger will to achieve your heart’s desires
  • Know Thyself as a divine being
  • Healing: physical, mental, emotional, ancestral
  • More alignment with the divine flow and the universe
  • Greater authority to work directly with angels and The Hierarchy of Light
  • Access to deeper metaphysical training with The Modern Mystery School

This is a full two-day workshop. Investment: $1,500. Pre-requisite: Life Activation healing

Dawn is a certified Guide with The Modern Mystery School. Therefore she has been granted the authority to teach this sacred program. Please check the calendar for the next upcoming dates or contact her to schedule a free consultation.

Here’s a video I created that shares 7 Reasons to Attend Empower Thyself Initiation.

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