A few of the healings I offer

Healing Sessions

Life Activation

The Life Activation creates a positive, lasting shift in your life. It supports you in fulfilling your purpose, brings clarity, and new opportunities. $300

Ensofic Ray (Reiki)

Ensofic Ray is the most powerful form of Reiki available. It includes hands-on healing, brain balancing and placing protective seals in the aura. $650 for 3 sessions.

Soul Retrieval

The Hermetic soul retrieval reunites you with fragments of your soul that have been lost through traumatic events. It will help you feel whole again. $300


About Me

Hello! I’m Dawn Ressel, Owner of The Light Within. I guide those ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. I help my clients experience more joy, empowerment and clarity. The tools I use have been proven to work for over 3,000 years, from the unbroken lineage of King Salomon. 

I offer a set of practical and powerful methods that help you find inner peace and reach your highest potential. I’ve seen the power of these modalities from the Modern Mystery School work magick in my own life and the lives of others. 

I am a Certified Guide, Healer, and Teacher. I am also an Initiated Celtic Shaman, Kabbalist, and Ritual Master.

“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”
– Paulo Coehlo

I was searching for a set of practical methods that could help me connect with my inner light and highest potential. I was introduced to these methods when I received my own Life Activation. Since then, I’ve seen the power of these modalities from the Modern Mystery School work magick in my own life. These methods helped me transform so much, I wanted to learn how help others.


Benefits of the Life Activation

This video explains the Life Activation, which is the foundational healing session with The Modern Mystery School.

My Journey with The Modern Mystery School

In this 12-minute video interview, I share how my life has dramatically transformed since I began working with the teachings and healings of The Modern Mystery School. I healed of generalized anxiety disorder, started new businesses, and created a life filled with joy and purpose.

What My Clients Have to Say


Empower Thyself was full of spiritual wisdom and metaphysical teachings to help remind us of how divine we truly are! The provided rituals instantly changed my life and the way I view it! Empower Thyself is exactly what I needed to enhance the power in the light I already encompass and encourage the radiation of light into the world! 

Alyssa E

The Life Activation was honestly amazing. It was as if I was picked up and put on the right track. I looked back and I realized I’d been making better decisions along the way.

Mak B

My experience with Dawn has been miraculous! I started out with the Life Activation with Dawn. I definitely started to see change after that moment. Then I went on to the Empower Thyself Initiation which was such a beautiful supportive experience where I grew so many gifts, met other gifted people and learned and healed so much from Dawn. Finally I was very sick one night (was about to go to hospital), and reached out to Dawn. She did the Spark of Life distance healing on me. I went from being so sick with serious health issues to immediately after the session starting to feel some improvements. And by morning felt almost 100 percent better. She is not only the real deal healer, but just an amazing human and the kindest soul.

Sam Erika

Since my activation with Dawn I am able to connect to a greater sense of awareness of my guides and how I am creating my own energy and experiences. I feel strongly drawn to what my path is and can see more clearly what is not. I am finding greater peace, joy, and sense of purpose. Getting activated is well worth it and it’s just the starting point.

Kaylee Lindsey

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