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Creating the work life of my dreams
Today, I’m extra grateful for my work life! Over the past several years, I’ve worked intentionally to create balance and freedom in this area. In 2017, I quit my very comfy corporate job, which was risky and many people thought I was crazy to do so.
I went through a couple iterations of what services I would offer as a consultant. The first couple iterations failed, and I struggled financially the first year. I got many offers to go back to big technology companies as a UX designer or design manager. It would have eased my financial burden. But I was determined to never go back to a full-time corporate job. It was too confining. And it didn’t leave enough space for me to do the work I really love: energy healing and teaching.
For almost 3 years, I’ve been working with a long-term client who is really great. The work is beneficial to the world (medical devices). They give me freedom and flexibility in my work schedule, and they appreciate me. Part of this is I’ve set my boundaries with them and proven my worth. I say I’m going to deliver this outcome by this date, and I do it.
My day today is a perfect example of the freedom, diversity and flexibility I’ve been able to create. This morning, I presented the final report for a customer research project I’ve worked on the past three months. Over my lunch hour, I attended a virtual networking event. I met new interesting people who were welcoming and gave great advice.
This evening, I’m doing a Life Activation. And tomorrow I’m teaching an awesome class called Awaken Thyself. If you’d told me 4 years ago, this would be my life, it would have been hard for me to fathom. I spent almost 20 years in corporate America, with my schedule driven by Outlook meetings, which was pretty much other people controlling my time. I did not have flexibility or freedom.

I’ve been able to create this life because I was intent on creating it, and I had the support of the amazing tools I’ve gained through The Modern Mystery School. I learned to Know Thyself in terms of what I truly desired. And I learned that I do have the power to create my life the way I want it.
When people ask me how I know the tools of this lineage work, it’s very easy for me to answer. I am the proof. My life is the testimony. Never mind all the other people I know in the school, whose lives are also the testimony. That’s the beauty of a lineage. We know where the work comes from and that’s it’s remained pure. And we know directly know hundreds if not thousands of other people who are also transforming and building the lives of their dreams.
This is not how most people live. But it is how initiates in our tradition do live.
I get to help people do what I’ve done and hopefully more. The best compliment to a teacher is when the student surpasses them. I look forward to the days when that happens! If you want help building the life of your dreams, feel free to reach out!

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