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Knowing Ourself is an Art

Knowing ourselves is an art. It’s like sculpting. We chisel away at the excess. We uncover beauty, divinity, radiance, purpose, sovereignty.
Over time, we took on so much. We lacked the wisdom to tell the difference between us and not us.

We took on
defense mechanisms

We covered up our true selves with these untrue parts. To reveal the truth of ourselves takes dedication. It takes vision. It takes wisdom. It takes trust.

This is the journey back to self. It is the journey most worth taking. Chisel, chip, hammer. Cut away. Let it go.

We uncover what is more true than not. It is the great work. It is our mission.

This potential is a gift from God. To know God is to know thyself. God is inside us. When you see God in yourself, you see God in others.
The sculptor sees beyond the slab. The sculptor sees the masterpiece inside.

The sculptor’s work is work. It requires effort. It requires time. But there is a path. A path of self mastery. To become the sculptor of your own life, more quickly, more easily.

Every great artist required training. There is training to know yourself. It’s worked for me. It’s worked for many.

– Life Activation
– Empower Thyself Initiation
– Healer’s Academy
– Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah…
and much more…

You can become the artist of your life. I know the way.

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