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Let’s Talk About Chakras
Let’s talk about chakras! I get a lot of clients asking how they can balance or unblock their chakras.
The truth is many, if not most people, have imbalances or blockages in their chakra system. When that happens, it can create negative results in the physical body, mind, and/or emotions.
One of the areas we address with energy healing is the chakra system. I should note that our energy system is quite complex! Though chakras have reached awareness in the mainstream, they are just one component of our energy body that we want to function well.

There are many modalities within The Modern Mystery School lineage which address the chakra system. Here are a few.

✨Life Activation is a DNA activation that awakens more of your potential. It begins with a comprehensive energy balancing, including the chakra system.
✨Full Spirit Activation is a soul activation that helps bring more enjoyment to life. It includes a chakra awakening.
✨ Unified Chakra Awakening is a galactic healing that awakens the entire chakra system of 2,418 points! The 7 chakras most people are familiar with are the main ones in our central core. But we awaken the entire system in this modality.

✨ Tone Chakra Healing which is one of the 12 sessions in the King Salomon Healing Modality. This session clears blocks in your 7 main chakras as well as balancing them with each other. The series balances many aspects of your energy system with each other, allowing your energy to perform like a beautiful symphony!

✨ In Empower Thyself Initiation, a 2-day workshop I offer, we have several hours of teaching dedicated to the complex human energy system, including the chakras, aura, chi/ki energy, and more. You learn helpful techniques to maintain your energy system.

If you’re interested in taking better care of your chakras and your energy system, let’s talk!

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