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What do video games have to do with spiritual growth?

This is a nerdy post about growth.


When we’re really dedicated to growth, the lessons grow with us. It’s like leveling up in a video game (RPGs are my favorite). The boss at the end gets more powerful.


But guess what? You acquired all those XP so you are stronger and can defeat him! And guess what also happens when you grow? The rewards are greater too! You can trade in that shabby wooden shield for a hand-forged titanium shield!


You get to travel and meet sages who deliver deep wisdom just when you need it. You level up your health points so you are emotionally, mentally, and physically more resilient. Right now I’m in Kabbalah. I feel like I’m in the AP Calculus version of a specific lesson that’s been working through my life the past few years. I really think (hope) I’m at the final boss level, but I still have to fight it.

I spent the last week “circling the drain” as I like to call it. Watching myself get into some negative thoughts that spiral downwards. You know what I mean. Then today I did one of my Kabbalah meditations and I snapped out of victim mode. I came out of that meditation with 19 practical actions I can take to overcome this! I mean wow!
I think there’s a misconception out there that spirituality is always about bliss. It certainly is a much more rewarding and joyful journey. But sometimes we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and call ourselves out on our own BS. Not always easy, but so incredibly worth it.
So as a light worker and magickian I take on the responsibility of transmuting darkness into light. The gold requires you to dig, eventually deeper and deeper. Instead of being a victim, I now sit here with gratitude in my heart for the path that’s been shown to me. And I have hope for the life that’s on the other side of defeating that final boss.







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