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Do You Allow Yourself to Receive?

I had an amazing encounter with a woman I met at a restaurant. I went for lunch with a friend and we were looking for a place to sit after we ordered our food. The only open option was a table outside in the harsh sun. We’d just finished a hike, and honestly I wanted to sit in the shade.

A woman sitting by herself at a booth in the shade noticed my quandary and said, “Would you like to join me here in the shade?” She seemed very sweet and I love the opportunity to meet new people, so I said yes.

For sure our meeting was divinely guided. My friend and I ended up talking with her for about three hours, about lots of things – all deep spiritual and emotional topics. A while into the conversation she confessed that asking me if I’d like to join her at the table was a vulnerable position to put herself in, but she felt like she was supposed to do it.

She said, “I offer things to people all the time. But most people don’t know how to receive. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I don’t take it as personally when someone won’t receive something I want to give them. But it still feels vulnerable to offer. I’m really grateful you were willing to receive!”

Then we talked about how not receiving actually blocks the flow for the person who is trying to give. You see, abundance is a flow. It requires energy to go in and out, and to be “in the flow” of abundance, you must be both giving and receiving. This could be energy, time, attention, love, a favor, gifts, a compliment … the list goes on. So if you won’t receive, are you actually blocking the other person’s energy flow? It’s something to consider.

I challenge you to be honest with yourself. When someone is trying from their heart to give you something, do you allow that to be received? Or do you block it – out of fear, or feelings of unworthiness, or guilt, or a cynical belief they will want something in return?

Allowing yourself to receive is just as important as allowing yourself to give. It is about your flow, their flow, honoring the other person and honoring yourself.

If I’d been unwilling to receive, I would have missed out on a great conversation and a new friendship.

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