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Getting Past “Quitter’s Day”

I learned something new yesterday. There’s a day called “Quitter’s Day” – the second Friday of January. It’s the most common day that people quit their New Year’s Resolutions.

As we begin February, I wonder: how many of us are really sticking to the healthy changes we want to make in our lives? I spoke to a client of mine who received her Life Activation a few weeks ago. She said it’s been very easy for her to exercise and stick to healthy habits since her session. She had a lot of excuses and resistance before that. She’s very pleased with herself, as she should be!

The Life Activation gets us more in alignment with our highest purpose. So suddenly things that are for our greatest good become more easeful to implement and easier to attract.

Where do you have resistance in your life to making positive changes? Do you want a way to make that easier? When you have more light in your energy structure and more awareness of your purpose, it is easier. It’s still up to you to decide and take the action steps. But the clarity of why it’s important relative to everything else you could be doing is pretty powerful.

The Life Activation is a private 2-hour healing session done in person. You can see me in my office in San Diego.
I will also be traveling to Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area and Tampa Bay within the next few months. We also have practitioners across the world. I’d be happy to refer you. Wishing you great success in making those healthy habits stick. 🙏

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