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Healed People, Heal People

Have you heard the saying “hurt people, hurt people?” While there may be some truth in it (hidden behind some judgment), I’d like to propose an alternative. Healed people, heal people! 💛

This has been my direct experience on my own journey of healing, as well as watching my clients on theirs, and being lovingly surrounded by others dedicated to the mission “Know Thyself.”

You don’t have to be “a healer” per se in order to help others heal. Here are just a few ways that healed people help others heal.

✨ When we heal ourselves, we are actually helping to heal the collective. We are all one. So our inner work benefits the whole.

✨ When we are healed, we can show up as fully present beings for others. We can hold space for them in a loving way. We can listen to what they have to say without judgment. We aren’t easily triggered because we hear them without the filter of own wounds. The healing power that a healed person holds for another cannot be underestimated!

✨ When we are at peace within ourselves, we can radiate that out to others. We allow other people to relax in our presence. Our society is so tense. Being with someone who gives you permission to relax is incredibly healing.

✨ When we are in joy, we want to share that joy with others! We are kind, we smile at others, we say nice things to pick them up. We take the little opportunities to interact with another human as a way to spread light.

✨ When we heal ourselves, we allow our true individual expression to shine through. And we inspire others, perhaps giving them permission to do the same! We are not meant to be carbon copies. We are meant to share our uniqueness!

I sit here today with so much gratitude in my heart for this path that I am on. I am grateful for every person who helped me find it and nudged me forward to be where I am today. I am grateful to God and all other beings of light who support me on a daily basis.

Many blessings to everyone who takes the time to read this. I wish you a beautiful holiday season and success in your healing journey.

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