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How I Went from Feeling Powerless to Powerful

From left to right: My client Holly, my Guide Karla, me, and my client Gillian after initiation on July 25, 2021

Last night I had the honor of witnessing two of my Life Activation clients receive their initiation into the lineage of King Salomon. This is a holy and transformational process that gives a person 10 times the power and 10 times the light for their life’s work. It was even more special because they were initiated by my guide, Karla Clark of Urban Magick, in the same space where I was initiated about 4 years ago. She hadn’t used that space for initiation since my class. Being in the same exact physical space 4 years later but a completely different mental, emotional, and spiritual space was a beautiful gift that allowed me to reflect. So much has changed for me since I found the path of initiation in The Modern Mystery School.

I used to feel powerless. I suffered most of my life with generalized anxiety disorder, as well as several phobias. I was consumed with fear. My mind was cluttered with “what if” scenarios where I inevitably imagined the worst possible outcome to any situation. Even minor inconveniences or deviations from my plan could set me into a tailspin. 

I would get upset by what other people said very easily. I got angry and offended often. Social media was basically a minefield for me. It could change my emotional state very easily if someone said “the wrong” thing. And the gamut of what I considered “wrong” was pretty wide. I was not in control of my own emotions. I was easily thrown off balance.

There is a quote from Hermes Trismegistus that states, “As Within, So Without.” Humans are powerful creators. Our thoughts create our reality. So our inner state is often reflected in the world around us. If we believe a negative outcome will happen, usually the world around us creates that. And if we believe a positive outcome will happen, usually the universal forces step in to help us direct the energies in that way. I’ve had innumerable experiences showing me this is in fact true since I’ve begun to understand this universal truth.

Today my inner state is calm and balanced. It takes a lot to throw me off course because my foundation is strong. At my doctor’s appointment last week, I had my first perfect blood pressure reading in about 20 years. My daily meditation practice has steadily influenced my blood pressure to go down. And having a positive mental state has cleared away clutter for me to focus more on my physical health. This year I’ve lost 15 pounds, and I’m continuing to work on more. 

I’ve found a path of self-mastery, spiritual growth, and service to others that has brought me so much joy. Before this path, I never experienced this level of fulfillment and gratitude. I still have goals and ways I wish to improve. But for the first time, I have really big goals, and I believe in myself to accomplish them. And I see how the work I am doing is changing other people’s lives in meaningful ways. They are making positive shifts in their lives because of working with me. Service is the most rewarding aspect of my new life. 

So how did I get here? It started when I received a private healing session called the Life Activation. It is a healing from the ancient lineage of King Salomon. In his lifetime, King Salomon gathered healers from across the world and had them test out their methods to see if they really work universally. Meaning: does it work on all humans, all of the time? If the answer was no, it was discarded. If the answer was proven to be yes over a long period of time, the healing was integrated to the lineage. The Life Activation is what we might consider the cornerstone of this healing lineage.

Right after my Life Activation, I went on a 2-week trip to Thailand. I’d planned this vacation for months. I’d recently went through a divorce. It was a time in my life of discovery, renewal, and healing. I wanted to treat myself to the vacation of a lifetime. In all honesty, I spared no expense, staying at the best hotels, hiring private guides to drive me around and show me the sites. I will always remember this trip as one of the highlights of my life. I’m really grateful that I found the Life Activation and had it before the trip. 

What I noticed immediately about my trip to Thailand that was different from any other trip: I wasn’t stressed out. I was trusting that the plans (although complicated) were going to work out. I trusted my preparation was enough. And I was able to really sink into the moment and enjoy everything. My physical senses were heightened. I saw, smelled, felt the beauty and specialness of every moment. There was synchronicity in everything. For instance, I met a group of German tourists on a boat tour. They befriended me. And when we got out of the boat to snorkel, they knew the absolute best place to go, not where everyone else went. They took me to swim out further to the most astonishing coral reef I’d ever seen. We saw large fish in many colors, anemone, beautiful coral, all alive and pristine. I was transported to a totally different world for those hours of snorkeling.

Everything worked out so perfectly on this trip that my tour guide even noticed it. He said, “You must have great karma! The waterfalls are perfectly full. The places aren’t crowded when we get there. All the flowers are in perfect bloom.” I asked isn’t this the way it always is, and he said, “No! Definitely not. Everything is lining up as the best possible way for you. It is not normal.”

As amazing as that trip to Thailand was, it was really just the very beginning of my healing journey. It was enough to help me get on the path, but the true path to healing was much longer for me. My path included service to others. That is my true purpose. And being of service in that way required me to heal myself first. The Life Activation started a chain reaction of positive changes in my life. I had a job shift. I met new people. It was easier to be present. And it was enough that I started to believe in myself. I wanted more.

The next step on the path is called Empower Thyself & Initiation. It is a two-day class that ends with a formal initiation ceremony, a transfer of power into the Lineage of King Salomon. The class includes amazing spiritual teachings that have been kept pure and handed down the same way for thousands of years. Teachings that are empowering and help you better understand yourself, God, and the workings of the universe. It also includes rituals to use in your daily practice for manifestation, healing, protection, and vitality. The initiation itself is not just for ceremony’s sake. It is an alchemical process that changes the person’s aura, allowing them to hold 10 times more light and have 10 times more power.

Immediately after my Empower Thyself & Initiation, I no longer had generalized anxiety disorder. It literally disappeared overnight. And it never came back. I was able to wean myself off of the pharmaceutical drugs I had taken for years, and I felt great! I didn’t need weekly therapy anymore. There really wasn’t much left to talk about! My mind was the quietest I’d ever remembered it being. I was truly happy and at peace for the first time in my life.

Since I’ve healed of generalized anxiety disorder, I’ve continued to work on my personal growth. There are so many layers of healing that one can do in this life. I have forgiven myself and others of things that were holding me back. I had social anxiety and felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I avoided meeting new people because I was afraid they would judge me. Through Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah and other tools in our school, I’ve been able to heal my relationship with myself. 

I now go to events and talk about the healing work I do, and I’m confident and not concerned about how others perceive me. I know this work will resonate with the people who are ready, and it won’t with those who aren’t. And I’m ok with that! I know it is not personal, and no one else’s perception has any reflection on my own worth. I love myself! It’s a miracle I’m able to say that with sincerity.

I share all of this because I want other people to be as happy as I now am. I want other people who are feeling hopeless, anxious, depressed, or defeated to know there is a way out. I am living proof. And I am just one story of hundreds that I know of personally who have overcome incredible obstacles to find joy through this path.

If this resonates or sparks your curiosity, I would love to talk more. We can schedule a free consultation. Anxiety disorder is one of the most crippling and common mental health crises of our time. Feeling powerless is not how we are supposed to feel. And we can regain our inner strength and power. We just need someone to point the way and then do the work. I know because it worked for me.

Wishing you many blessings and success in your healing journey.

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